Nixdorf 8850 /DEM

This page is dedicated to the first mainframe (host) I worked on, the

Nixdorf 8850
What is that "DEM"?
DEM stands for "Data Engine Multiuser" and is an emulation, developed by Daum Datentechnik, which emulates an 8850 on PC. Infos can be found here

At the VCFe 5.0 2004 the OpenSource Project sodid was started, that emerged from the commecrial emulation DEM. The presented poster is available here as pdf in german and the presentation slides in english are available here..

Here are some downloads for the 8850/DEM:
To the Downloads for 8850 / DEM

On an 8850 I worked during my military service. There I developed for example an index-management-software, a management-tool for programlibraries. More about.

A Screenshot von DEM:

DEM: logout